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NAWE 2016 Good Girls, Bad Girls in YA fiction [continued from post]

SGY: Good news: YA fiction has many great / strong / complex female characters. Two best known examples: Katniss [Hunger Games Trilogy] and Hermione Granger [Harry Potter].

Watch The Hunger Games Trailer. Identify character descriptors.How do we know them? What informs us about her character? Appearance, actions,what is revealed about her interior drives?



Watch extract from ‘If Hermione was the main character in Harry Potter’ video. Character descriptors – write. Where are the overlaps?

Extract: hilarious comedy rap video: Hermione vs Katniss – highlights key character tropes + readers awareness of what these characters stand for.




Heathers is a story about a clique where the 3 ‘beautiful’ popular girls [all Heathers], that look like they should be the stories heroines are in fact the antagonist of our story. The story belongs to dark haired new girl who’s trying to fit Veronica.