The thesis of a creative practice PhD, if anyone is wondering, is the created work. In this case a novel written for young/new adults entitled The Networked Wonderland of Us. The exegesis is a critical reflection on the process of creating the work [have a look over on my CW | exegesis page for further info.

Working PhD title:

The Networked Wonderland of Us : Narrative Strategies & Digital Communications Technologies in Young & New Adult Fiction

Ever wished you could go back and do something differently? 

Taylor did. 

Every post, every update, every comment, share, like and link tells you something about a person. Like plot points in a story or number on a dot-to-dot. The full picture of a person’s life revealed only when the spaces between our digital footprints are filled. Only for Kasha this came too late. Some call this time we’re living in a post factual age, and online, sure, you can be anyone you want to be and that’s great, mostly, but the real world is not so fluid or forgiving. So it’s up to us, to you and me and everyone reading this to make a difference. Take care what you share. 

– from Taylor’s blog The Networked Wonderland of Us