What I do

I lecture in film and media studies in the Department of English and Media at Anglia Ruskin University where I teach undergraduate film, media and writing students, filmmaking, screenwriting and creative online content production.

Anglia Ruskin University Profile

I am half way through a PhD in Creative Writing where I am looking at the way we write about ourselves online and how that shapes who we are. The work investigates creative synergies between the processes of online identity construction/narration, such as blogs and social networking profiles, and those of creating a traditional narrative text, in this case a novel aimed at young & new adult readers. The central methodology has been to look at the way we write about ourselves online and incorporate these strategies in the construction of a novel that both represents and critiques these strategies. You can read more about this on my Creative Writing | exegesis page.

The Title of this blog nearly networked reflects an ambivalence about what I think being digitally connected really means for individuals living in increasingly expanded and dispersed communities but is mainly [now] focused on my research interests.

What I did before [some of it]

I made films for galleries, museums, festivals, charities, schools and trained people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds how to make them too. I have programmed film, media and writing events for various festivals and venues and have an MA in Scriptwriting from UEA. Before that I studied Philosophy and Art History at UCL which fed my interest in ideas and their visual representation. An experience I still draw on in my work today.

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