Update To Upgrade and Beyond…

So. It’s been a while. How many blog posts start like that?! Well.  A lot. I nearly thought of quitting this but even though my presence here feels more documentation than communication it has a use. Since my last post back in October my mother’s health deteriorated fast and finally she died in early February, 5 days before I was due to present the oral part of my Upgrade examination. I can’t really say much about the loss of my mother except it has effected me strangely. Grief is a complex thing, with many dimensions you can never hope to grasp fully. I am writing now, at nearly the 6 months anniversary of her death and am only beginning to …what? There you go. Words fail. But then here comes some more…It’s summer. I’ve completed a busy semester of teaching followed by an intense period of assessment and marking. I postponed the Upgrade examination for 2 weeks and passed, delivered a paper at conference, and submitted my completed novel manuscript to my supervisors.

I am going to post separately about the Upgrade, completing my novel and the paper i gave at conference earlier this month, so if you’re interested in any more detail about those things it’ll be coming right up.

Bye for now : )




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