Writing in the 21st Century @ The Cambridge Festival of Ideas

The future of writing is now. Smartphones, interactive storytelling, stories that take us right into the future…now. ¬†Writing and technology have a long backstory: from Guttenberg’s press [and beyond] to today’s digital smart phones humans have explored ways of communicating using tools of one form or another and these tools have had an impact not only on how we communicate but what we choose to say.

Join us at The Cambridge Festival of Ideas for 4 events will get you thinking and writing about digital writing, future writing and what the future may bring…


Two Exciting Talks:



Two Stimulating and Creative Writing Workshops:




Tickets going fast so book yours now by following the instruction at the links above.

I look forward to meeting you there!


The Gift of Time

This semester I have research leave in the form of teaching relief awarded by my department. Thank you Anglia Ruskin. Without weekly teaching schedule and only minimal student contact time [still supervising 6 x Level 6 major projects] I have time to plan for a conference workshop presentation, pitch to two more and prepare for my Upgrade to PhD [formerly know as Confirmation of Candidacy] which involves writing a report of what I have done so far and submitting an indicative thesis. The latter seems a little far off realisation but hopefully it will have taken shape by my December 20th [self imposed] deadline. Which will give me up to 25th January 2017 to edit and polish before I have to hand it over. I have nearly completed a second draft of my creative writing element – a YA novel -so all in all feeling like for the first time in a long time I am getting on top of things. Amazing what a little gift of time can bring. Long may this feeling last. More about the upcoming Cambridge Festival of Ideas events and NAWE writing workshop very soon.