YALC 2016

I should have written about this weeks ago but i have had a difficult personal time this past month with my mother falling seriously ill and my initial post impetus became defused before completion. Despite this lapse in time the warm embers of what i already refer to as my first YALC still glow strong. The Young Adult fiction world is a unique community where readers, writers, publishers and characters co-exist in a seemingly utopian literary democracy.  Of course there are big name writers and the less well known but everyone is hugely supportive of each others work and passion for reading. It is like the usual rules of literary festivals don’t apply. Maybe because this isn’t a literary festival [although it kind of is with it’s book market and signings and talks] It’s a convention so it’s full of fans. Writers and readers alike with a huge appetite for an exciting still growing genre that’s redefining itself all the time. It surprises me that the UK is still behind on the US when it comes to taking YA seriously in academia. Perhaps it’s time for me to organise a symposium. Time for more serious YA literary criticism. Watch this space.