Inspired by the Internet#1

This evening I took a moment to revisit a favourite radio 4 series by researcher in all things digital Aleka Krotoski and found this [see below]. It’s sparking a blog post series that I am naming Inspired by the Internet and will consist in the sharing and archiving a collection of creative visual, written and audio work that has been inspired by our online lives. We’re only touching the tip of our creative responses to the multiple and nefarious ways that we are being shaped by our digital technology. No longer simply a tool to perform tasks, technology tells us something about our world as it is now.

We’d be fools not to listen hard.

[oh yes and I LOVE this poem.]

Poem Looked Up On Google Streetview by Ross Sutherland

And in a related article – a digital artists has noticed some curious anomolies in the steet view captured process. Google’s inner surrealist is out!




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