Google Help: More Young People Watching YouTube than TV


It’s not entirely shocking news that children and young people spend more time online than watching TV nowadays.

What is interesting though is how hard it is to find out anything much about Googles online roadshow for safer interenet for primary schools [see end of article]. Apart from a skeletal outline of its top tips which you can read here:

This must have taken an entry level employee 15 minutes max to knock up.

Google weak expression of digital conscience is being sold to us as digital citizenship education and we’re all being urged to take part –  but it’s hard to see what that really means here. For instance what else does the largest corporation on the internet plan to do? Are they going to come and deliver this roadshow? I guess not. Who needs too hey? It’s online! But my experience of teaching in HE for 10 years has taught me that just because its online doesn’t mean anyone gives a shit or that a student will actually read it. Nevermind take it in/understand it/feel its impact. People make an impact. I suspect the real task of impressing the importance of following Googles tips for a safer internet to already hugely overloaded children/YPs will be left to already hugely overloaded teachers. These children/YPs face a mass of unenviable interesting times as they move into adulthood and are forced to deal with the mess we’re leaving them – on so many levels it boggles. Perhaps Google could invest a little more back to the communities, present and future, that feed it. Give us all a real lesson in digital citizenship.  Or maybe they’d rather stick to doing what they know: investing their time and resources into serving themselves and shareholders, and exploiting even more of us for even more information to sell on for profit. Go Google digital citizenship.





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