Going YA

I started my PhD in July 2013 with a novel for adults proposal exploring motherhood and social media but found myself too conflicted about how to use my time as I am also trying to revise a YA novel. I also have a part time lecturering post and 2 boys [1 and 4]. So since returning to my PhD after a maternity break i have made the very sensible decision to combine both PhD and YA novel and change my PhD to be about my YA novel. Genius. I still want to Write How We Become and i hope i will, but it’s going in a drawer for now. I’m excited by this new direction. Going YA. And at the prospects of, over the next years, emersing myself in YA – specifically realist YA and even more spcecifically anything about young people’s experiences with/of technology. So far I’ve found a number of YA books I love, that I was moved by and that linger in the mind – and some that certainly didn’t do any of the above. My job now is to figure out what makes the books in the former category the way they are and head there in my own writing. Any suggestion on excellent YA reads, particularly realist and tech lit – please send my way!