Week 10 – Project 5: Self Portrait

Drawing on your explorations of self representation online through creative and social media practices create a self portrait in any media. From deliberate profile making on social media to the pages of content we post across sites that cross boundaries of the personal and professional we are rewriting the idea of a single self into one that is expanded and multiple. Dr Dana Boyd, a Senior Researcher at Microsoft, has a term for the control we exercise over these cyber self representations, she calls it ‘impression management’ – but what about all the stuff we post but don’t think about so carefully, or the stuff we posted years ago, the stuff we forget…what does that say about us?

If you’re looking for more inspiration take a look at this project Learning To Love You More by American Artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher. This is an early exercise in online participatory art practice. The artists designed assignments which members of the general public were asked to respond too – the public was also invited to contribute assignments. Some are more self portraiture than others. Take a look, adapt an assignment or use them as inspiration for your own response to Project 5. Good luck!

Guidelines on how your work will be assessed:

  • Your ability to address critically in practice and in reflective analysis the problematic nature of creative media practice and networked public sphere through investigations into matters of origination, voice, form and audience.
  • Your ability to devise, design, write, select and produce works of creative media art using both fictional and non-fictional sources in the production of two creative media works exploring self and society.
  • Your willingness to explore creative resources offered by technology in the context of online social media technologies.
  • The willingness and creativity you demonstrate through the practice and development of creative and technical skills in cross media arts.

5 thoughts on “Week 10 – Project 5: Self Portrait

  1. Stuck thinking about what to do for your Self Portrait project..? Watch this:

    Tuva shared this self portrait with our seminar group today. really like it. The filmmaker is doing very well now in Hollywood we understand…from humble beginnings…

  2. this campaign from Dove is interesting. it is portraiture but it’s also self portraiture as the portrait on the left is drawn from a self description – the one on the right from a description of the person given by someone else. this might be something you could use for developing a self portrait with the context of this module and thinking about how we represent ourselves online. how do you see yourself compared to how others see you? how would you describe yourself /represent yourself if all you knew was what others see of you online? the ‘Dove Sketches’ campaign is also non-traditional and cross media – visualizing a face, visualizing a person through a description in words: spoken word transformed into image. what’s at work here? the material the artist has to work with are the words people use to describe what they think a person looks like, but also the timbre and tone of the voice and the silences, the hesitates, the tenderness, the intimacy, the respect, the admiration… he interprets the describers’ interpretations….it’s also really interesting as it’s advertising [straight down the line commerce] masquerading as art…buy this product buy into this idea/ideology/philosophy…discuss.

      1. H marc – yes hilarious – and scarily spot on – thanks for directing me…Dove is completely about that message. that’s not to say i’m so full of self worth i don’t fall for it thought…:) i know it’s playing me, i know how it’s works but still…there i go – falling for it again.

      2. Packard is useful to remember when you find yourself being drawn to a brand or product, as the chances are you’re about to be exploited 😉 This Dove advert is like a car crash, insofar as it’s both dispicable and terrifying but also entirely captivating (especially for any one with an interest in manipulating people’s feelings) such a cold hearted and cynical attempt to shift more industrial emulsions through a simple truth ‘the way other people see you is different to the way you see yourself’. If it’s really true that it’s ‘what’s on the inside that counts’ then we shouldn’t really need to buy gunk to put on the outside – But then of course advertising is encouraging you to be irrational, it’s not designed to stand up to simple logic!

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