Week 6: From Script to Screen – Pre-Production

cropped-img_0839.jpg     SO you’ve written the script what now?

Preproduction that’s what.

Once you have decided on your group and which script you want to produce you can move on to the exciting and challenging part of bringing you idea to the screen. If you haven’t made a film before from a script you may have many ideas about what happens next. Steven Katz’s book on Visualising for the Screen is a great place to start to put your ideas in to order and set about on the process from pre-production to final film presentation. It’s listed on the reading list for this module [find this on the VLE] and you’ll find copies in the library. I will be giving out handouts in class this week and next to furnish you with the essential information to complete your next tasks:

  • Mark Up Your Script – BREAK YOUR ACTION DOWN INTO SHOTS [CU, MS, LS, HA, LA etc]make sure you are familiar and using the correct abbreviations for shots, camera moves, camera angles and sound descriptions.
  • Create a SHOT LIST
  • Create a SOUND LIST
  • Secure CAST and LOCATIONS


What is Cinematography? Telling Stories in Images

SCREENING EXTRACT : Visions of Light – a documentary interviewing famous cinematographers about their craft and the way iconic cinematic moments were born – not always from the script. I will screen an extract in class but I highly recommend watching the whole film which is available in the university library. A chance to hear highly experience cinematographers consider their craft.

Tips on Framing: The Rule of Thirds

Extra Tools for visualising your film: Storyboards and Floor Plans to come NEXT WEEK!


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