Week 4: Part 2 Prose Poems [continued] and On Good Descriptive Writing

What is makes a prose poem poetry or in indeed prose? These are the questions we asked in class – among others… What makes a prose poem different from a short story? Vivid imagery? Detailed descriptions?  Evocative and exact use of language? Prose poetry is a chance to hone your writing skills with these questions firmly in mind.

Extending our consideration of Prose Poetry here are the links we looked at in class for you to follow up.

On Peter Manson’s Adjunct: An Undigest

The Prose Poetry Project

Also an interesting piece on writing description with meaning from The Guardian Masterclass Series.

Description with Meaning

Remember: it is important to consider the wider historical and literary context of prose poetry. Your reading around all the experiments in form presented in the module should reflect this and enable you to reflect critically on what these influences might have on the work you study and your own work.

So once you have read the above [and Peter Manson’s Adjuct given last week’s post and other prose poetry you might find in your research]

Do this:

Writing Project 2: The Prose Poem

  1. sit in a place of your choosing and describe in as much detail as possible what you see, hear, think, feel, do.do this using written word or video or audio recording.make a note of the exact time and place
  2. collect as much other information you can about that moment and time – what was going on that day in the news, with other people you know, is the day significant in any way? Anything unsignificant happened? historical event on this day? think about the invisible threads of everyday life and how you might render them visible for the reader.
  3. arrange this material in a piece of prose poetry.

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