Week 1: What is CW? What is Everyday Life Theory?

This first week is concerned with orientating ourselves in the subject and direction of the module and becoming clear about how this module will be assessed. Key aims are: To become familiar with the module schedule, aims and assessment; To set some ground rules for the seminar; To define creative writing and critically consider its problematic nature in both practice and reflective analysis; Introduction to close reading. Questions we’ll consider are:

  • What types of creative writing are there? What is creative writing?
  • What types of creative writing do you like to read?
  • What informs you choices of reading? Reviews, word of mouth, other?
  • Where does creative writing come from?
  • What is the role of theory in relation to practice.

In the seminar we will provide a close reading of Chapter 1 of Francine Prose’s, Reading Like Writer.

Useful brief guide on close reading here: what is close reading? 


Please read:       Debord, Guy. Perspectives For Alterations in Everyday Life [1961] reprinted in The Everyday Life Reader p 238-240

Highmore, Ben. Introduction to The Everyday Life Reader 2002 London: Routledge [Available on Google books]

And the Introduction to Highmore’s Everyday Life and Cultural Theory: An Introduction [Available on Google books]

Acquire a hardback notebook and a magazine and bring both to week 2 seminar with a ruler and scissors or pencil to experiment with the CUT UP technique.


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