Week 2: Making Connections & Putting it Out There

I really enjoyed the discussions in seminar today. some excellent points being raised about our transforming relationship to the creation, practice and sharing of images online in response to the A Life More Photographic paper. Thanks to everyone who showed up and took part. Project 1: the Pinterest projects [the ones we had time to see] were really interesting viewing and represented a range of responses to what at first might seemed like a simple task but that in fact reveals some edifying distinctions in the way we think about our self, society and what it means to be networked.

Here’s a summary of this week for those who missed the class so you can catch up and not get left behind!


  • Read: Rubenstein, D. and Sluis, K. A Life More Photographic: Mapping The Networked Image – reflect on discussion questions for class.
  • Project 1: Pinterest Project

Create a Pinterest account and create THREE boards: One entitled Self, one another Society and one that represents your thoughts and ideas about what it means to be Networked.


  • Discussion of reading.
  • Project 1: Presentation Pinterest boards and discuss.
  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Introduction to WordPress software.

Week 3: the Art of Blogging


  • Project 2: Set up a WordPress Blog. You will use this online space to present and share your class assignments and presentations for this module.
  • Include a biog or ‘about me’ entry, likes and dislikes and three things you need to know about me.
  • In addition to your blog roll or home page create three pages entitled: Window Project, Self Portrait, The Networked Image.
  • Carefully customize your blog appearance using the available options and be prepared to answer questions about you design choices.
  • Use Images to visually identify your blog

Looking forward to seeing your blogs next week!


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