Why Not Enter The Twitter Fiction Festival?

Twitter are launching the first Twitter fiction festival November 28th. WHy not try your hand at some twitter fiction. Learning to write engaging stories concisely and with impact is a skill every fiction writer could do well in flexing. Think of it as your time in the writing gym, shortreps that will build the necessary writing muscle and craft for tackling any of those bigger projects you have promised to do one day. Oh and you stand a very good chance of completing these

the wired article here adds some interesting comments of how this kind of fiction might well reshape our ideas of what fiction it and how we read it. it also has a bunch more links that are all really interesting.



Micro-fiction Goes Big

Micro fiction has really hit the headlines with The Guardian this month launching a challenge to well known authors to come up with 140 character novels.


There are some great ones there.

Here are some examples of earlier work using the Six Word Story format, inspired by Hemingway’s famous Six Word Story

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.




Guardian article on the impact of changing face of Facebook

Guardian article on the impact of changing face of Facebook

With time lines being rolled out as standard we need to change our privacy settings or start deleting fast.

that’s if you have someting to hide.  Otherwise mayteh open window on the uneventful [yet strangely compelling] lives of millions continue.


When Online Dreams Become Real World Nightmares

Sunday October 28th Anglia Ruskin University Caabridge Campus

I am holding two events at this years Cambridge Festival of Ideas – check them out here



booking required for the workshop – but get in quick nearly full!