On Being Without Children

See my comment on yesterday’s article in The Guardian by Jody Day.



Book 2.0 – Available Now as Free Download

It’s taken a while but finally here is: Intellect’s peer-reviewed journal Book 2.0 where my paper on my novel User is published.

‘Sarah Gibson Yates looks at how online and offline worlds intersect through the development of User, a creative writing work-in-progress that analyses how social media has turned the self into a creative work and a digital identity to be marketed. ‘

Be great to hear any thoughts, comments…


Narrating The Self in Film, Fiction and [other] Transliteral Media

An informal presentation of past film work and current research at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus as part of

‘In this level 3 Creative Practice seminar session Sarah will put some of her past film work in to context and present some of her current research.

Sarah Gibson Yates is a writer and filmmaker interested in how we read, write, interpret and interact with representations of Self in a variety of media. She has made both fiction and non-fiction films in a variety of contexts including galleries, museums, festivals and schools, taught filmmaking to students of all ages and engaged the public in range of community and professional film art practices. More recently Sarah has been exploring the way social technologies are changing the way we present ourselves online through social networking, and in particular the notion of profile making as a form of ephemeral portraiture, and the personal, social and ethical consequences of indelible digital identities. She has written a novel exploring these ideas that has been funded by the National Lottery through the Arts Council and developed through the new writing scheme Gold Dust with Sally Cline, and is undergoing final editing with her agent. Seed development funding was also awarded to explore some of these ideas through a publicly engaged workshop. Her paper on this creative research work in progress is shortly to be published by Intellect’s peer-reviewed journal Book 2.0.’


Shares in Me

Dr Aleks Krotoski spells out what is really for sale when Zuckerberg floats facebook.


The decision to sell shares in his ‘just want to make the world a more open and connected place’ philosophy may well be a tipping point for Facebook and its place in our lives but its the culmination of a trend that’s been gathering momentum and legitimacy for years. We all know what’s going on – we all know about cookies and profile gathering and consumer trend mapping blah blah…but do any of us really care? It would seem not. Not YET anyway. Perhaps some blood must spill first. Zuckerberg power over our lives is real and present. He may well appropriately be described as a ‘benign dictator’ but the question for us million users/prols/consumers is how do we protect ourselves if [when?] he ever decides to embrace the darker side of all that influence?