The Writer’s Purgatory

My agent rang me yesterday congratulating me on my latest ms revisions but with little optimism with regard to finding a publishing editor willing to take it on. Based on feedback from earlier drafts and on another clients ms marketing books for the young adult / 16-30 age range is a bit of an anathema to publishing houses. You would have thought there were many obvious ops within the Internet – partvularly social media , but apparently none anyone that my agent’s spoken to can see. This is frustrating on a number of levels. This age group is e actly the place you’ll find the rich edgy, zeitgeisty offerings from film and TV so why not in books. Of course my agent could be unlucky and his experience  isolated but from what I can see or rather not see i think his interpretation of the current publishing world typography may be right. I’d love to hear from you if know otherwise. Meanwhile im left considering two options either rewrite or get a new agent – or do both [so three i guess] –  and while I consider those I’ll work on something that knows its place in the market before it’s begun.


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