Dreaming Into Parenthood

my partner and i have both been having weird dreams recently. two nights ago i dreamt myself two more children all around 7-9 years and a terrifying situation where we were all kidnapped. we didn’t know our kidnappers, or even what they wanted. we may have been abroad somewhere. far east, asia. tourists caught up in some local cause, or simply that universal trap of geographical inequality. the unfairness of some of us being born on wealthier plots of earth than others. the consequences – ¬†psychological, social and political – that comes with those differences of destiny. or maybe i just saw some movie that tripped an anxiety switch. the horror of watching what you love in pain or dying knowing you leave loved ones alone who need you. this is the subconscious mind at work. an amorphous alchemy making me who i need to be. a shifting my consciousness from me to we. i stand back and wonder when i get a moment [here for instance] and marvel at how we become what we need to be.


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