Celebrity Miscarriage

The recent and much publicized miscarriages of Lily Allen sparked a surprising wave of ignorance about the subject as well as exposing a seam of confused and deluded attitudes about pregnancy. To begin with both Ms Allen’s past two so called miscarriages were in fact stillbirths: the correct term for pregnancy loss post 20 weeks. Negative comments to one article contained a thread that drew comparisons with accidental pregnancy loss and abortion, citing gross hypocricies in a society that mourns accidental loss and permits terminations of unwanted pregnancies. As usual the comments sections reveal both ends of society; the sympathy post and the vitriolic hobby horsers, just waiting for their chance to pounce. Nor do I subscribe to the view that its good when celebrities talk about the bad things that happen to them, that its helps lifts taboos, or creates platforms for valuable social intercourse about subjects-less-talked-about. Despite the pain felt by the person behind the persona in these cases celebrity public engagement around difficult subjects serves them too well and contributes too little to widening knowledge that its impossible not to maintain a position that some things are best left un [publicly] said. Either way this sad event should be taken for what it is: a personal tragedy for Ms Allen [and man] and some fair to middling column inches for a content hungry press.


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