Broadcast to No-one

The trouble with blogging is that you don’t know if anyone is listening. Or is that its blessing. Sure, i could look at my stats, see if anyone’s paid a visit but I can’t get specifics. Visitor number 3? Was s/he a publisher? politician? pervert or panda? But hey. Do roads care whether a glossy gold Lexus or a clapped out Honda’s worn down their tarmac? It’s just another car. Perhaps blogging is best when you become resolved to the oftentimes soliptistic activity that it is…only minutely elevated into the public realm from leaving your moleskin notebook on a train without a return address.


2 thoughts on “Broadcast to No-one

  1. Visitor x……was me 🙂 I never knew you had a blog, I like it. I’ve got one somewhere…..which I shall resurrect for my Goa trip. But I want it more for photos, not so good with words! See you soon xx

    ps. If the moleskin notebook had a name to return to ‘in case lost’……would you still read it?

    1. hey Emma! thanks for visiting and posting! as you can see i don’t get much traffic, but i like the process of putting some thoughts up in short bite size chunks. i’d like to put more photos up too. and yes i would return that moleskin. i always put my address in mine with the same hope. looking forward to seeing you next week xx

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