User Diary: Beginnings

i began my this, my first novel, properly in 2008. properly because i had been mulling over the ideas since summer 2006 but it wasn’t until early 2008 that i started putting words down and it wasn’t until summer 2008 that i realized the murder must go at the beginning [it was way down the end at the time] and everything else would follow. it did. or else it began to take on shape. it’d hard when you’ve been writing scripts for 10 years to suddenly realize that the story you currently have going around your head is something else, and then do something about it. it’s taken me a while up build the necessary confidence to persevere with fiction writing but that has come and i now know that whether or not User finds a publisher or an audience i am a better fiction writer than i was 2 years ago and perhaps that’s all i can really ask.


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